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Sometimes it is apparent the only chance that your company may have to collect from stubborn customers is to resort to litigation. The Gebeloff Law Group offers a one stop solution for credit managers and individual creditors to place commercial claims. The Gebeloff Law Group utilizes a vetted list of co-counsel established over many years to offer its clients the option to litigate in all 50 States.All Network Attorneys concentrate their practice in creditors’ rights, adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act and other State specific collection laws. By utilizing counsel in debtor’s jurisdiction, the debtor will now know that their time is running out to resolve their outstanding debt.

Throughout the collection process our clients will be updated on the progress of each case submitted for collection through a web based case management system. All new cases and supporting documentation can be mailed, faxed or uploaded directly onto our system utilizing a unique login and password. (However, this option is typically used by clients who place multiple accounts). Fees are generally on a contingent fee basis. However, based upon the complexity of the collection or age of the receivable certain non-contingent fees may apply. All fee agreements with The Gebeloff Law Group will be in writing and must be signed by our clients before we can proceed. Please click here to see a Sample Fee Agreement.

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